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Do you want to meet new people and have some fun in a creative environment? Joining a singing group might not be your first choice. But you might be surprised at the benefits of singing in a choir!

The members of the Jonah & The Wailers Choir have lots of fun and comradery singing songs in the African American gospel tradition and related styles. As well as other, exciting high tempo, modern pop songs. Our love of music, our desire to meet new people. Also our appreciation of working to achieve a common goal brought us all together and keeps us coming back every week.

Here are some other great benefits of singing in a choir that you might not have considered

  • Improve your social life: Joining a choir instantly broadens your circle of friends and helps you to meet a diverse range of people you might never have come into contact with any other way.
  • Reduce stress:  Studies have shown that one of the significant benefits of singing in a choir is that it reduces depression, stress and anxiety. It’s certainly true that we always leave our practice sessions on a high, even if we arrived feeling a little down or blue!
  • Promote community spirit: Being part of a community where you support each other and work towards a shared goal can be very gratifying, giving you a sense of ‘belonging’ and ‘togetherness’ that can be difficult to find in our busy day to day lives.
  • Increase your health: You might be surprised to learn that another of the benefits of singing in a choir is better health! Studies have shown that lung capacity is increased, more oxygen gets into your blood, energy levels are improved and you work the muscles in your upper body.

Here are some testimonials from some of our choir members.  About what they think the benefits of singing in a choir are.


“For me singing in a choir is essential to my sense of balance & well being in the world. Singing together helps our sense of community & sends us out each week renewed & ready to face whatever life throws at us. Its worth more than money can buy!”


“I wouldn’t miss this even though I am tired and it’s freezing. Once choir starts there’s no time to think about anything else. It’s a mindful activity and it’s fun. It’s also energising. Its more than just singing – you learn music theory, musicianship and make new friends.”


“A gives a sense of connectedness and joy when singing with a group of people who love singing.  There’s this inner feeling of harmony that envelopes me when I’m singing something I love. It’s fun to sing with others it brings out the child in me that wants to play.  I’ve always wanted to sing and I’m so glad I joined this Acapella group. I feel like I’ve finally met this need in me.”


“Singing in a choir has a number of benefits for me, including getting away from the general stress of work and life. When you sing music you have to be totally “in the moment”. So your mind has to lock out everything else. You broaden your circle of friends. You get to be part of and contribute to something much greater than what you can achieve individually. The discipline and experience of music has been proven to benefit you intellectually and emotionally.”

Why not challenge yourself and bring some more fun and creativity into your life by joining your local choir? With all of these benefits of singing in a choir, isn’t it time you did something good for yourself?

For more information on the Jonah & The Wailers Choir in Sydney, call us on 0407 431 831 or shoot us an email.

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