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Remember the song – We Are All In This Together?

Most people remember this song from the 2006 soundtrack of the American TV film High School Musical. It’s also from the 2004 Old Crow Medicine Show album, the Ben Lee album Awake Is The New Sleep in 2005, and the 2017 album of the same name by Walter Trout.

We are all in this COVID pandemic together

Thinking about this song brings to mind that we are all in this COVID situation together, whether we like it or not! Most of us can’t travel between states and we can’t travel overseas. International trade is reduced, businesses are shutting down, and social distancing is now the new normal. So everyone in Australia is in this together and everyone in the world is also in this together!

How is our choir in this together?

Our choir is still functioning, but with masks, social distancing and Zoom! Jonah and the Wailers is one of the few choirs that has permission to rehearse LIVE, even if it’s to a limited extent. We have to sign in every time we meet up, but everyone agrees that our rehearsals are the highlight of our week!

Katie is one of our choir members and said of our last rehearsal, “WOW that was the best choir night on ZOOM ever!! Loved the singing, learning and I laughed SOOOO much. Thank you – miss Suzannah for your wonderful humour! And thank you Ian for leading us and creating the opportunity for our choir to join and participate in music making, even though we’re not physically together!!”.

Evie chipped in and said, “Thank you Ian and everyone for your wonderful singing, I couldn’t hear you but I’m sure you sounded fabulous”.

So since We Are All In This Together – why not break out in song and join us at our next rehearsal? Call me (Ian Laurence) on 0407 431 831 or send an email today.

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