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Singing in a choir means that your voice needs to blend well with the other singers, not stand out on its own. The sound of a choir singing is the sound of many voices blending together. But achieving it can be difficult, even for experienced singers.

The key to singing in a choir is to all about balance and tone.

So let’s look at both of these and see if we can help you to blend your voice with other singers to create something magical.

How to balance your singing in a choir

Balance refers to the volume of a group of voices within a choir, all of which must be in balance with one another (no groups should be too loud or too soft). Usually, the sopranos have the greatest volume in a choir, but occasionally this can go to the tenors. To improve the balance in a choir, the director may ask for more soprano or tenor. Or even ask for less if they are completely out of balance.

All of that is just background information to help you understand that balance is vital to a choir. When you are singing in a choir you should always be beware of the choir’s balance and whether your group or your own voice is too loud or too soft.

How to improve your tonal quality in a choir

  • Tone quality refers to the overall tone of the choir (for example classical or gospel).
  • And also to how the vowels and consonants are pronounced.
  • Tonal quality is much harder to perfect than – balance in a choir.
  • Because there must be consensus on how each word is pronounced.
  • This means that you not only need to listen to how you sing and pronounce the words.
  • But also to the singing and pronunciation of your group and the choir a whole.

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