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Most singers want to improve their vocal range! Because they know that hitting the high notes can make all the difference at an audition or in a performance.
It’s important to find the right vocal coach if you want to improve your voice. Otherwise, you risk injuring your vocal cords.

However, here are a few tips to improve your vocal range that we have found useful.

1. Determine your natural range

  • Start at middle C and sing each semitone down until you can no longer comfortably hit the notes.
  • The last note that was clear is your lowest note.
  • Repeat this same process to find your uppermost note.
  • Everyday practice singing your natural range using ‘friendly exercises’, such as ‘la’, ‘la’, ‘la’, etc.
  • And as your extreme top and bottom notes become clearer, start to include them into your daily exercises.
  • Hitting these notes, rather than holding them is your priority at first, then you can focus on holding them for longer.

2. Use correct singing techniques

  • If you don’t use the proper techniques, you risk injuring your vocal cords.
  • So always stand straight, practice singing with an ‘open throat’ and breathe correctly.
  • Don’t always start with your lower notes, because your voice may become too heavy.
  • Instead start with your top notes every now and again, as this helps you to move from your head voice to your chest voice and not the other way around.

3. Explore vowel modification

  • This is a strategy that helps you to transition through your vocal range from your chest to your head voice.
  • It prevents the ‘cracking’ that often occurs when you make this transaction and uses round closed vowel sounds to move into the higher registers.
  • Sounds such as ‘oo’ or ‘ee’ can be used when first singing higher notes, changing to ‘oh’ and ‘uh’ as these notes feel more comfortable.

We hope these tips to improve your vocal range have been helpful.

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