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With our increasingly busy lives, most of us are always learning something new. Often to do with the latest technology and how we can perform our jobs better. With the deluge of information that comes our way however, learning new skills can often feel like we are being overloaded. Taking all the fun out of learning something new!

Learning something new is good for us

It’s likely that you can remember learning a skill that you really wanted to learn. Maybe from your childhood. And also remember how good you felt when you finally mastered it. This feeling of accomplishment should belong to every new skill we learn. But often all we do is tick off another box on a long list of things to do.

This is a shame, because learning new skills can add a positive spin on an otherwise monotonous life. Take singing for example. Singing makes everyone happy, and learning to sing can be a huge accomplishment for all of us.

Whatever new skill you decide to learn, there are specific benefits to learning something new because you want to learn it. Not because it is expected that you learn it.

So let’s look at two of the biggest benefits that learning to sing will bring into your life

Learning can be fun

If you decide that learning to sing is important to you, then you will be surprised at how much fun you can have with a group of like-minded individuals. Every get-together is a fun-filled adventure, even choir practice!

Learning keeps your brain active

The more you practice learning a new skill, the more new connections are made in your brain and the easier learning becomes. Learning increases your neural pathways and the more neural pathways, the quicker you learn!
Studies have even shown that learning new skills can help stave off dementia, due to the increase in neural pathways.

Maybe it’s time to bring some joy back into your life, by learning a new skill, such as singing?

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