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Member’s only files

These files will help you practice at home, in the car, taking the dog for a walk. Consider the wonderful result for the choir if every singer gave an extra hour or two per week in perfecting their part. This way the choir can evolve more quickly and focus less on learning the song, and more on interpreting and bringing magic into the song. Enjoy!!

There are PDF’s and  MP3’s of current songs for you to download and practice each week.


Below are PDF’s (sheet music) and MP3’s (music files) to download for your choir practice.

(Click twice to open/close concertina menu)

Angel (Hendrix)
Ave Maria
Bridge over Troubled Water
Chapel of Love
Down In the River
Eyes On the Prize
Glory Glory
If I Can Dream


Soprano 1.

Soprano 2.

Alto 1.

Alto 2.

Tenor 1.

Tenor 2.

Bass 1.

Bass 2.






I Can See Clearly Now
I'll Take You There
John The Revelator
Lean On Me
Mid Winter
Meet Me
Mon Ame Se Repose
Peace In The Valley
People Get Ready
Prayer of St Francis
River of Dreams

River of Dreams-SATB
River of Dreams SA1
River Of Dreams SA2
River Of Dreams SOLO1
River Of Dreams SOLO2
River Of Dreams TB1
River Of Dreams TB2

Rehearsal Tracks
The part highlighted is on the LEFT Channel and all other parts are on the RIGHT channel.  You can control how much you want to mix in the other parts by adjusting the stereo pan on your playback device between the L and R channels. 

River of Dreams-Sop on Left Channel
River of Dreams-Alto on Left Channel
River of Dreams-Tenor on Left Channel
River of Dreams-Bass on Left Channel

Run On

Soprano Part 1
Soprano Part 2
Alto Part 1
Alto Part 2
Tenor Part 1
Tenor Part 2
Bass Part 1
Bass Part 2

Shine On Me
Sin Je
Swing Down Sweet Chariot
That Lonesome Road
This Little Light
Waiting On An Angel
We're All in this Together
We Are



Where The Thunder Don't Roll
Why Walk When You Can Fly
You've Got a Friend

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