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Spend all day at your desk? Boost your fitness by singing!

Sitting at your desk all day doesn’t constitute a very healthy lifestyle, often making you gain weight and giving you a feeling of sluggishness. Of course, you can go to the gym on a regular basis to improve your fitness, but you can also try singing! I don’t mean...

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Why not follow your dreams and join a choir!

Have you ever seen or heard about someone doing something fabulous and thought that you would love to do the same? Most of us hope that one day we will achieve our dreams, whether that’s learning to play the piano, flying a plane, scuba diving or just learning to...

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Tone, balance & blending in a choir

Singing in a choir means that your voice needs to blend well with the other singers, not stand out on its own. The sound of a choir singing is the sound of many voices blending together. But achieving it can be difficult, even for experienced singers. The key to...

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The importance of learning something new like singing

With our increasingly busy lives, most of us are always learning something new. Often to do with the latest technology and how we can perform our jobs better. With the deluge of information that comes our way however, learning new skills can...

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Are there benefits of singing for the brain?

There are significant benefits of singing for the brain. For example, did you know that when you think about singing or actually sing yourself, certain areas of your brain are activated? These areas can be seen on an MRI scan. And they include motor networks, auditory...

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Four stages of competence for novice singers

Learning how to sing can sometimes be easy and sometimes it can be difficult. But if you understand the process of moving from a novice to a master status, it can often make the learning process much more positive. There are actually four phases to learning, called...

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6 Tips on how to memorise a song

Do you know how to memorise a song? As part of a choir you need to learn the words to songs very quickly, because after all, we sing a lot of songs! So here are our best tips for memorising the words to our songs 1. Repetition Read the words of the song out loud to...

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Tips to improve your vocal range

Most singers want to improve their vocal range! Because they know that hitting the high notes can make all the difference at an audition or in a performance. It’s important to find the right vocal coach if you want to improve your voice. Otherwise, you risk injuring...

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What are the benefits of singing in a choir?

Do you want to meet new people and have some fun in a creative environment? Joining a singing group might not be your first choice. But you might be surprised at the benefits of singing in a choir! The members of the Jonah & The Wailers Choir have lots of fun and...

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