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There are significant benefits of singing for the brain. For example, did you know that when you think about singing or actually sing yourself, certain areas of your brain are activated?

These areas can be seen on an MRI scan. And they include motor networks, auditory or listening networks, planning or organisational networks, memory networks and language networks. As well as, emotional networks that augment social bonding and empathy.

1.Singing makes us happy

As you can appreciate, even though singing seems like a relatively easy activity to do, it lights up a swag of different networks, including our reward network. This is because the emotions invoked through the act of singing lead to the release of dopamine which is the feel-good chemical of the brain. Furthermore, is one of the best benefits of singing for the brain.

2.Therapy & mental health

So singing can be seen as a form of natural therapy that lifts our mood. Singing releases dopamine and gives all of these networks a real workout, protecting our mental health and making us happy. Singing soothes our nerves when we are stressed and elevates our spirit. Leaving us feeling calmer and more energised.

3.Natural anti-depressant

I guess you could think of singing as a natural anti-depressant. Because apart from the release of dopamine, scientists have found a tiny organ in the ear (the sacculus) that responds to certain frequencies when we sing. Whilst not a lot is known about this tiny organ, when it is stimulated by our singing (frequencies between 50 hertz to 1000 hertz) it gives us a pleasurable feeling. Another one of the awesome benefits of singing for the brain!

4.Feel calmer

The great thing is that you can sing anywhere and at any time and you don’t even have to sing out loud. You just need to THINK about singing and you receive the same benefits of singing for the brain. It’s the same if you sing in a group or a choir. You feel calmer and happier.

So if you want to reduce the stress in your life and feel happier and calmer, why not join a local choir and give yourself a positive boost?

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