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Do you know how to memorise a song? As part of a choir you need to learn the words to songs very quickly, because after all, we sing a lot of songs!

So here are our best tips for memorising the words to our songs

1. Repetition

Read the words of the song out loud to yourself at least 10 times, because repetition is one of the best ways to memorise a song.
Carry a copy of the song with you during the day and in any free moment, read it to yourself again.

2. Understand the story

When you understand the meaning behind the words, remembering the words becomes easier. Memorise each line and search for its meaning, building the song in your head line by line.

3. Learn the words first

We remember music and words in different parts of our brain, so if you learn the words first, followed by the music, you will have much more success than trying tomemorise a song as one unit.

4. Read the words

Instead of singing the words of a song, read the words while the music plays, because this helps you to memorise the timing and pitch, as well as giving you a feel for the song.

5. Write the lyrics

Writing the lyrics from memory, as if it was a poem, is another effective way to memorise a song.
This approach highlights the parts you have already memorised and those that are still tricky. Singing the song without music is another way to highlight the parts that need more work.

6. Play an instrument

Sometimes, playing an instrument and remembering the words to a song can be difficult, so this is a great way to test yourself and discover how much you remember.
If you can play an instrument and remember all the words, it makes it much more likely that you will remember all the words for a performance.

If you want to learn 
how to memorise a song, these few tips should make all the difference.

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