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22nd September 2018
Manly Village Church

Jonah & the Wailers Rehearsals

Wed@North Sydney

Time: 7.00 PM – 9.00 PM

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Attention new singers!!

We always welcome new singers, so turn up to any of our rehearsal spots. 
Please find rehearsal times and places for Jonah & the Wailers at Join the choir page.
Call Ian on 0407 431 831 for further questions.

How to Join a Choir in Sydney

Are you looking to join a choir in Sydney? We welcome all new singers at any time throughout the term.

Rehearsal times

Jonah & the Wailers rehearsals run from 7-9 pm.
We rehearse the same repertoire on all 3 nights. Therefore you can go to more than one evening if you would like to have an extra sing, to get more familiar with your section. The choir has the same term times as school terms.

Is there an audition process?

Jonah requires no audition, you just need to be able to sing in tune.

However, the first thing a new singer for JONAH needs to do – is a “Range Test”.  So Ian can see what their highest note is. Also what their lowest note is. This is to ensure they are put in the correct part – Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass.  This is to make sure they are not expected to sing a note that they can’t sing because it’s too high or too low.

If in their Range Test, they can’t pitch. I have to say that they’d need to get a singing teacher who can teach them to pitch before they join our choir. (This is quite rare).

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For further info please call Ian on 0407 431 831.

Monday at Manly

Manly Village Church,
4 West Promenade Manly NSW
(just up from Manly Wharf, opposite where the buses stop next to the park in Belgrave Street).

Time: 7 – 9 pm.

Tuesday at Leichhardt

Leichhardt Uniting Church Hall,
3 Wetherill St, Leichhardt.
(off Norton St – the church is on the right hand side of the street (east side), just around the corner from the Leichhardt Town Hall.

Time: 7 – 9 pm.

Wednesday at North Sydney

St Francis Xavier Church,
17 Mackenzie St, North Sydney.
(just behind North Sydney Station)

Time: 7 – 9 pm.

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